Monday, June 24, 2013

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

You've heard it your entire life, right?  Then whats the hold up?  This post really isn't about a recipe per say, its more of a pep talk to get you headed in the right direction.  Baby steps, baby steps are good!

 Lets get started with some easy breakfast ideas for you.  

How about scramble up some eggs (I use 1 egg and the rest egg whites for 2 people) and slice an avocado and tomato?  The easiest breakfast ever!  You get your protein, good fat and some nutrients all in one sitting.  And from start to finish will take you less than 5 minutes.  Still think you don't have time for this?  Well try my egg cups below.  

Add a little hot sauce or grape tomatoes for variety.  :)

Egg cup variations:

I love the egg cups because they are single servings.  You can mix up a couple eggs and the rest egg whites.  Pour into a greased muffin pan and bake 350 for 20 minutes.  That's it!  Below I added a little hot sauce.  If I have a little extra time, I will sauté some baby spinach and/or red peppers and onions to throw in there.  Make a dozen on Sunday and stick them in the fridge.  Now you have breakfast for the week.  Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and viola... its breakfast on the go!

My tip for the day, make breakfast mindless.  I read somewhere to make your meals as boring as possible. (at least in the beginning until you get the hang of changing your habits)  Repeat and repeat again.  Why you ask?  Well, fast food restaurants have spoiled us.  We like the convenience of driving through and buying what you want with out wondering if they will have all the ingredients to make your order.  Now set yourself up your own fast food restaurant in your house. Have your breakfast made so in the morning when you wake up, you "drive thru" your kitchen and order an egg cup!  :p  

Set your self up to succeed not to fail!  I promise, it works!  Have the right foods on hand and ready to eat.  This will leave no room for error or temptation! 

Remember, consistency and dedication is key!  

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