Thursday, August 15, 2013

Okra with a new twist

Ok so I'm a southern girl raised on fried okra. Oh yes, my grandma would make some fried okra, freshly picked from her garden and it was to die for!!  Well I've tried boiled okra and yuk is all I can say!!  

So my high school friend and chef (yes she can really cook unlike myself) sent me this recipe and to be honest, I had to think twice about it before I decided to make it!!  I was afraid it would have that yucky slime but guess what, it didn't!  My husband and I have adopted this as our new favorite side dish!!  Thanks Kelly!!!

1 bag of frozen okra
1 can of stewed tomatoes 
Onion powder to taste
Garlic powder to taste (next time I want to try minced garlic)
Olive oil

Sauté frozen okra, onion and garlic powder for about 2-3 minutes.  Then add a can of tomatoes and stir till warm.  That's it!!  Seriously, don't judge until you try it!!

Now here's my redneck photo highlighting my lunch on my fine China. :)

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